Dead Sea

It is a closed sea salt , located for 36 km from Amman on the border between Jordan, Palestine and Israel. and it is the lowest point on the surface of the Earth, where the level reaches any of its beaches about 400 meters below the level of the Sea. The width of the sea reaches 17 km , while the length is about 70 km. and total space is 650 km 2, which is reduced in the past four decades more than 35%. and sea distinguished with high proportion of salt 34.2 %, which represents a concentration of nine times of the normal sea salts. It has a sunny weather all year , in addition to air dry. the rainfall in the region is very low, while the average temperature in summer is between 32 and 39 degrees, and in winter is between 20 and 23 degrees. with a low proportion of 35 % moisture .The oxygen concentration in the air of the region is the highest in the world , since it is the lowest point , and the oxygen percentage is 36 %, while the overall percentage reaches 26 % .

The area has a good infrastructure , and tourist attractions with investments in tourism and the development of international hotel services category three, four and five stars, with utilities and recreational facilities , clubs , restaurants, and a convention center and worldwide exhibitions, and these investments have returned to the Kingdom of Jordan in 2012 about 128 million.The Dead Sea is considered one of the main areas of medical tourism in the world by its unique climatic characteristics and mineral rich waters to treat many diseases , especially skin diseases and arthritis. and the Dead Sea was chosen as a global center for the treatment of many skin diseases by the World Health Organization .Most hotels built on the coast of the Dead Sea provide services of physical therapy based on the natural properties of the area without the use of any chemical drugs.



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