Mount Nebo

Is located 10 km west of the town of Madaba, 41 kilometers from the capital Amman , Mount Rises 680 meters above sea level This is a place overlooking the Dead Sea and Jordan Valley.


In a clear day you can see with your eyes the Dead Sea and the mountains of Balqa ( Jordanian city) and all of Palestine , especially the Dome of the Rock and the towers of the Church of Jerusalem and southern Lebanon , and also the Mount Hermon in the north for Sinai Mountains in the south. therefore it is considered one of the best places to observe the world.





The importance of Mount and Moses springs for Muslims and Christians and Jews :
The appointment comes some of the stories say that Prophet Moses struck the rock with his rod and he watered his people from the water. where there are also trees and fountains and more than 6 churches and traces of ancient Byzantine palaces . And some stories say that God's prophet Elias ( Elijah ) , lived there after his pursuit of his enemies after his stay in Salem village near sources of Moses.


It is a favorite destination for Jewish pilgrims from all over the world for their belief that the top of the mountain contains the remains of Moses.


Christians believe that God's prophet Moses was on Mount Nebo with his people and saw the promised land that it did not happen , and where he died and was buried in Mount Nebo . Built on top of a mountain church établiese by Franciscans between the fourth and sixth century AD, where there are also signs of the mosaic.



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