Let Jordan Holidays take you on an enchanting experience of Jordan - a land of many facades where history was created and ancient civilizations once flourished. Jordan Holidays has succeeded in cementing its name in the International Tourist Market and as per the official Jordan statistics, Jordan Holidays is presently regarded as one of the major tour operators.


We offer over the years the highest degree of service and comfort, safety and value for all customers, whether for those who are looking for a holiday at our hotels the distinctive Ultimate or for those seeking to discover Jordan through tourist cities through an integrated tourism program.



Why choosing Jordan Holidays ?

* Value and awards...

Jordan Holidays is a top member Jordan Tourism Board and was awarded the best company in the sector for several years, not only for tourism services, but also in the representation of the State in the marketing. As for the hotels we are one of the top producers on the level of sales in different markets Arab and foreign. Also was honored annually received so many awards as a top producer agent.



* Experience...

We have been able since 1997 to gain experience in organizing various tourism programs. And how to understand our customers needs, providing programs that fits perfectly with what they are looking for in Jordan, including all details. More than a quarter of a million people visited Jordan through us, in addition to our relationship with more than 100 travel agents worldwide.



* Personal Services...

We were able to permanently satisfy our customers and earn their trust as a result of follow-up, attention and professional service. Which led to our good reputation at the local and international level, which attracted a huge number of tourists who come to Jordan from lasting successful programs is evidence of our credibility.



* Competitive prices of all the hotels and programs...

Certainly we offer the best rates in all Jordan Hotels of what we have relations and a large number of visitors to the hotels on a daily basis, allowing us to get you better service at and value for what you pay. In addition we provide the best transportation, excursions, activities and even special evenings.



* Professional staff...

When you want to be doing a tourism program has to deal with people on the level of expertise and understanding are able to give you what fits expectation and abilities. Our professional  staff with a high level is linked to the guides in several languages and drivers on a tourist level and may also be suitable sites owners tourist with experience and influence.



* More peace of mind and save money...

You will get the program that you are trying to do in Jordan at a preferential price in addition to the service before arrival will be to inform you of all booking and details of the program and make sure to meet all your inquiries and adaptations. Which gives the feeling among our customers comfortable.

Will be welcome you at the airport or at the border through our representatives to assist in the entry formalities. And then your program began in Jordan to save your time and money with a company competent and high quality and there are no hidden fees or surprise expenses.



Rely On Us We Rely On Experience

General Manager - Ali Rawashdeh



Mecca St., Building #164

947589 Amman 11194 Jordan


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