Entertainment and Adventure

Adventure activities in Wadi Rum: 

Wadi Rum mountains is considered one of the finest places to practice climbing the world has known for months the climbers over recent years adding to the possibility of flying either balloon or jump out of the plane and other games. Wadi Rum is also called the Valley of the Moon because of the similarity of their terrain and is a convenient place for adventure tourism through Safari with special (4x4) or small degrees with four wheels in addition to riding camels and horses Arabic. Wadi Rum has a number of camps, concerts and performances assessment Bedouin barbecue supper offer especially Zarb, who roasted under the soil and is considered one of the best places for camping.





Hiking in Wadi Mujib corridor: 

Must prepare for the adventure really an area that you need for superior skill in sticky rock climbing through several tracks for the trip vary according to the length and difficulty of the track and the time required to end the narrow path, and then try again to climb until it arrives tourist to the end of the path Tired and interesting, which ends with the revelation of the waterfall rope which has a height of 20 meters mostly and Visitors accompanied by proof of hard tracks and are also provided with pasteurization to survive, and visitors can go down south towards Wadi Finan for camping for the night there in the reserve, which contains rare types of desert wildlife. And dinner with the Bedouin is seen where the slaughter and cooking also.



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