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The city of Amman has a huge number of coffee shops and popular restaurants and even the East, including local nature the most important restaurant Word, which includes at his side a number of other Eastern and Western restaurants in the same huge building and there is also a Jerusalem restaurant and popular there are traveling Restaurant in Rainbow Street and restaurants Reem Al Bawadi and mills Hawa near roundabout Oasis also includes the capital and a number of Western restaurants at various levels and a good number of popular markets and malls and luxury markets and the most important is as follows:

Rainbow Street: The conversion of Rainbow Street in Amman, Jordan, in 2007 to become a popular tourist attraction and the region. It's a great place to learn more on high-end and near Oman. Named after the street that name in relation to the cinema existed in this ancient street has remained the same name, using Although the cinema building has been removed a long time ago. The street paving stones to slow down the speed of the cars and to make the street safer for pedestrians. Lined with many luxury boutiques on both sides of the street as well as visitor to this street find theaters, cinemas and antique shops. Also located on the sides of the street are many cafes and restaurants. Restaurants here may be a little expensive compared to other places in the capital, but the restaurants here offer excellent service. In the same street you'll find the famous Falafel Restaurant Jerusalem, which is seen by many here as the best falafel restaurant in the world.


Jara market: Jara market is a seasonal market starts in a week every Friday during the month of 5 and ends in the month of 9 and continue throughout the summer period the same dates, annually hosted by the Association of residents of Jabal Amman. And attracts market neighbor more than ten thousand visitors a day, the participants exhibiting their products from handicrafts such as embroidery and ceramics, mosaic and pottery, woodworking, accessories, soap, candles and drawing and others, while providing space to provide food and other space for the promotion of the arts, literature and music by organizing art exhibitions and concerts. Jara market opening on Friday May 16, from the current ten o'clock in the morning until ten o'clock in the evening. During the holy month of Ramadan on the market open Thursday and Friday from 9:30 pm to 1:00.


Bolivar  Abdali: It is a mixed-use development project features a pedestrian President Avenue has a length of 370 meters, width of 21 meters surrounded by 12 building mid-rise, featuring luxury apartments furnished, and the surfaces with stunning views, and a number of commercial facilities such as restaurants, cafes, shops ,, gyms, health centers, and swimming pools. It also includes about 400 luxury apartments spread over eight residential buildings operate and managed by Hotel Management «Rotana» company as «Boulevard» includes four buildings of 30 thousand square meters of office space and smart serviced with the latest technological services.


The «Abdali Mall»: Complementary commercial and entertainment facilities within the «Abdali» project a total built area of ​​up to more than 227 thousand square meters with a lot of cafes, restaurants, supermarkets, and a leisure center, and 11-screen cinema as well as parking for the 2400 car.

It also has a «Abdali» project in its components a lot of distinctive facilities including hotel and tower «Rotana» which will reach a height of 188 meters, which would make him the highest tower in Jordan, and it becomes build the highest tower in Jordan within the «Abdali» project is in line with the leadership and development of this project.


Downtown: It may seem to the center of the Jordanian capital Amman, it is not the fanciest compared to other places, but some central areas of the country are overcrowded and unclean. Be aware it is very easy to get lost your way due to the large number of streets and Tarjha over many hills. While the situation in the capital, most of the quiet downtown area crowded to the point of ratification difficult. There is also a fruit and vegetable market, which is located behind the King Hussein mosque and near the market there are the gold market between the mosque and the castle where he sells all kinds of jewelry. Hashem is Jordan's most famous restaurant is located in a small alley in a side street, selling falafel and hummus, beans and other Arab popular Aloclab. And in the same area there are also several restaurants are setting up other Arab cuisine Kkabab and Gerh.vi downtown area many shops selling traditional Jordanian Kalkovih memorabilia and many kinds of artifacts, bags, pirated DVDs and here prices are always negotiable


Mecca Mall: You can spend the most enjoyable times in Mecca Mall, where you can dine, shop and enjoy there. The mall includes 490 shops, mostly commercial store Women's Clothing. The mall also includes a large supermarket, shops Furniture 0.22 Restaurant 0.8 showrooms cinema, children's play area, ski lounge, a bowling alley, Racing Hall and numerous attachments provide the most appropriate atmosphere for families. There are many international shops in the mall such as: Adidas, Burger King, Cinnabon, Damas, Asbert, Kentucky, Mango, McDonald's, Max, Pizza Hut, Starbucks, Sports Town, Splash, Timberland and United Colors of Binatone.


City Mall: Shopping center is excellent for all the family where there is its wide variety of international brands, restaurants, cafes 0.10 showrooms cinema and entertainment for families lounge. There is also Bamol largest supermarket in Jordan "Carrefour".

 Brands are included in the mall Aldo, Adidas, Isone, Bershka, Chili's, Claire's, Debenhams, Damas, Foot Locker, for Asnza, Mac, Masimodoti, Monsoon, Next, Nike, Bemeke, Promod, Bull & Bear, River Island, Starbucks, Top Shop, The Body Shop, Virgin Store and Zara.


Taj Mall: TAJ offers the Kingdom’s most comprehensive retail mix from world renowned high street fashion labels, designer boutiques, jewelry, cosmetics and beauty to kid’s wear, home decor, sporting goods, electronics, and the convenient retailer supermarket, Family's Basket. Providing our customers with an unparalleled lifestyle experience, TAJ is far more than just a shopping center. Featuring stunning views of the city, TAJ boasts two terraces that offer visitors a selection of dining and entertainment facilities that are second to none in the Kingdom. Catering to a variety of taste buds, the Terraces house a dynamic and diverse range of open air restaurants, casual eateries and cafes.

To enrich the leisure experience for guests, TAJ has the region’s leading Family Entertainment Center better known as Magic Planet, and the largest cinema’s to ever open in Jordan with 16 screens, four of which are VIP theaters. These unique features position TAJ as the destination of choice to shop, relax, dine, socialize, and be entertained. Located at the heart of Abdoun, TAJ is a lifestyle center that offers a relaxing and comfortable one stop destination for Jordanians and visitors from every corner of the globe! TAJ not only surpasses what already exists in Amman, but is also comparable to the very best shopping centers located around the region and beyond.



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