wildlife and Natural spaces

Jordan is considered the environment a rich and varied environment, where the UK has a natural wealth, which collects between the desert and the countryside, and embrace the desert with green fields. According to this biodiversity are varied life organisms, plant and animal.

Nature Reserve was established to preserve the rare species of wild animals, and protecting them from extinction.


Dana: It's a piece of earthly paradise, the uniqueness of the green Bassatha on 308 square kilometers of land Concubine splendor of nature in the south of Jordan .. where the visitor up to a new definition of the tranquility and beauty of nature that make the place a painting drawn quill artist lover. The reserve was established in 1993 after the region are threatened by desertification, and where the main two areas of wild animals, and four regions of plants, and includes regions of 38 species of wild animals in addition to about 197 species of birds. The plant areas Vtdm about 700 species.


Shaumari Reserve: The reserve was established in 1975 near the blue in the Eastern Desert, an area of ​​22 square kilometers, it has been allocated for the re-launch of the Arabian Oryx, which was threatened with extinction. The visitor can take a trip Shaumari Safari amid wild animals, and watch the birds and animals are protected.


Mujib Nature Reserve: The reserve is located on the eastern shore of the Dead Sea, an area of ​​220 square kilometers, and live in different types of animals and plants and wild birds.


Blue Reserve: The reserve is located in an oasis of blue in the Eastern Desert, an area of ​​21 square kilometers. The corridor for migratory birds between Europe, Asia and Africa.



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